About Us

Fetes de la Trompette Samedi 28 Septembre 2019

A faith Ministry

Huberto Almonord who started this media ministry drove the concept from the 3 angel message to the gathering of tribes of Israel, going through the great economic recession of 2002 to 2008 thinking every day there is going to be a breakthrough. However the ministry keep finding a way to remain alive, even though we had to face fiery dot of the dragon.

Our Story

The field is great but the workers are few, frankly sometimes it feels like we are working in futility, from lack of financial ressources, place to establish the ministry, the almost yearly moving of the ministry, sometimes we get nervous about the future. However by God’s grace a door is always opened before us to continue our works and calling, such as conference os prayers, bible study, live facebook, Can TV production, Printing media etc..

Meet the Team

Our team went through many members who showed interests in serving the ministry to sometime three to four members.

Huberto Almonord

Founder & CEO

Evangelist, Electrical Engineer,

Pierre ASylvestre


Evangelist, tax accountant

frederick Aka


tax accountant and Elder

Next Steps…